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The Euclid Beach Cat Project has many cats and kittens awaiting loving humans and forever homes. Visit us on these rescue sites to find your new feline friend:

The first step in our adoption process is to complete an application.  Once approved you will have an opportunity to set up a meet and greet your favorite kitties.

Partnered Adoption Locations:


Please remember to bring a carrier when adopting. Your new friend needs a safe place to travel home.  You will also want to make sure you have your essential items to care for your new friend ready for them. Ask us for a list of things you may need. 

Arrangements can be made to meet one of the many cats and kittens in our show locations and foster homes.

We post stories about our adoptables on  Euclid Beach Cat Project Facebook page. Follow us to learn more about these amazing felines and our upcoming adoption events.

Our adoptable cats and kittens are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, tested, flea treated, and current on vaccinations. 

Working Cat Adoptables

These cats are different from indoor or companion cats. They are more independent, do not tolerate much human contact, and thrive in settings such as barns, workshops, or warehouses.

Working/barn cats are invaluable! They help keep rodent populations down, which keeps diseases down and protects grain and other food supplies. They also help lower the need for trapping or poisonous methods of rodent control.

Two Types Of Working Cats

Semi-Sweet Mouser

Tolerant of humans to some degree.  Many like treats, human voices and possibly an occasional pet.  Would prefer to be admired from a distance. 

Nocturnal Warrior

Prefer to work undercover of the night with little to no human contact.  They are invaluable too. They still need food, water and shelter like the others.

Interested? Please review and submit this application below to Also, check out a few of our working cats that are available. 


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