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Meet The EBCP Board

EBCP has been in existence practicing TNR for over 10 years as part of managing colonies of community cats. Around the clock, we provide medical care for abused, abandoned, sick, injured, and neglected cats in the homes of our Foster Division volunteers. Many of these cats need extensive medical treatment, while others need time and patience to regain or develop trust in humans. Once they're well, they are placed up for adoption, placed in a barn home, or returned as part of our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Division. Many cats from our TNR Division are unsocialized to people and are not candidates for adoption. If return is not safe for them, they have a warm bed with us for as long as it takes to find them a place to call home.


We work to place adoptable cats in forever homes through adoption websites, events, and pet stores. We have a volunteer group committed to socializing cats prior to adoption. Adoptable cats are fully vetted and spayed and neutered. Major health issues, such as injuries, are addressed by our partner veterinarians in the community, who work closely with us to provide the best care possible.

We remain active only with help from the community. Please consider supporting us! The cost of saving the lives of these special animals is great, and often if EBCP is unable to help, these animals have nowhere else to turn. By supporting us you will help control cat overpopulation and give cats in need a chance to survive and thrive. Every contribution goes directly to helping us spread our mission and continue to save these overlooked and forgotten felines. We appreciate your compassion for the cats that cannot help themselves.



Vicky Sprouse


Employment: Childcare, Pre-K


From a very early age, I’ve always had a love of animals! As a child I helped injured animals in my neighborhood.  I don’t think that I was more than five years old when I helped my first. I think helping others and animals that do not have a voice has always been part of me. Fast forward many years later to 2015 when I started volunteering with Euclid Beach Cat Project.  Back then, there were only a handful of people who volunteered, and since then we have multiplied to well over 100 volunteers. We partner with local pet stores and animal shelters to help service Northeast Ohio. We are still very big into TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) but have also grown into an adoption rescue since I have been in position.  It’s been an extraordinary honor to be a part of such an amazing team of human beings who are just trying to make a difference in the world and in so many cats’ lives!



Brandy Nighman

2019 - Present

Employment: Sheetz District Manager 


I have always had a love for animals (especially cats), as well as a passion for helping those who can’t help themselves. I was looking for a way to volunteer to help cats that would fit into my busy and sporadic schedule when I met The Euclid Beach Cat Project at the 2018 CFA International Cat Show. I then began transporting cats for EBCP whenever I was able to. I gradually started also helping with events and learning more about all aspects of the rescue over time. In April of 2019, I joined the board of directors as the secretary. While this is my first board position with an organization, I have brought experiences from my work and my volunteering with other organizations to apply to my duties as secretary for EBCP. I also continue to regularly volunteer with Special Olympics Ohio, Salvation Army, and local food banks. My involvement with EBCP has been an extremely valuable part of my life so far, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of the positive impact EBCP has on the community moving forward!



Andrea Latessa

2017 - Present

Employment: Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office

I started out as a volunteer with EBCP by cleaning the cages at a Pet Valu location one day a week.  I have been EBCP’s treasurer for 2 years now.  My legal experience, in various types of the law, contributed to the experience that I have brought to EBCP as both a volunteer and a board member.  My day job is to protect abused, neglected, and dependent children.  Meanwhile, the work of EBCP protects abused, neglected, and homeless cats.  Isn’t it strange how similar different aspects of our lives can be?

monica o pic.jpg

Board Member

Monica Occhetti


Employment: Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)


I have worked in association management since 2015 and am excited to serve on the EBCP board. Beginning in August 2021 as a cage cleaner at Pet Supplies Plus Brooklyn, I became the store volunteer team leader in February 2022. I am passionate not only about serving the cats that we rescue, but also the people (volunteers) who help fulfill the mighty mission of the organization.

RoseAnn Pic.jpg

Board Member

RoseAnn Krannich

2022- Present



I have always had a love for animals. I grew up in a rural Ohio small town where we had chickens, rabbits, horses, cats and dogs. In the early 1970's I moved to Galveston, Texas and landed a job with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service in the Occupational & Environmental Safety Training Division, Oil & Hazardous Materials Response Training Division where I was certified in Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation, and later for the Texas General Land Office Oil Spill Response Division. From there my passion for animals grew. I was a sucker for stray cats. Over the years I obtained a real estate license and a Paralegal certification. In 2003 I returned with my four cats to Ohio. In 2019 I retired and began looking for a retirement project. Then I saw a post for volunteers with EBCP. So I volunteered, and here I am, working with the kitties, and wanting to take them all home with me.


Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 10.03.24 AM.png

Board Member

Heather Hawk Frank

2022- Present

Employment: School Principal


I grew up on the eastside and lived most of my life in Mentor before I was married in 2009. I am a proud graduate of Mentor High School and Ursuline College. I hold a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  I was a middle school teacher until 2016 when I became a principal.  I am currently the principal of Holy Family School in Stow.  I am married to my best friend, Dave, and we love our animals!  We reside in Brook Park with our eight cats and two dogs (all rescues).  We have a passion for rescuing animals and helping those who are the most vulnerable.  I am very excited to use my time, talents and treasures to give back to the organization that has brought me so much love and happiness through my feline fur babies.  I have a passion for helping animals, especially those with special needs.  As someone who grew up with a physical disability (I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease), I know what it is like to need the help of others and am enthusiastic about helping those who need it most!



Board Member


Dina Torres




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