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About Us

Meet The EBCP Board

EBCP has been in existence practicing TNR for over 10 years as part of managing colonies of community cats. Around the clock, we provide medical care for abused, abandoned, sick, injured, and neglected cats in the homes of our Foster Division volunteers. Many of these cats need extensive medical treatment, while others need time and patience to regain or develop trust in humans. Once they're well, they are placed up for adoption, placed in a barn home, or returned as part of our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Division. Many cats from our TNR Division are unsocialized to people and are not candidates for adoption. If return is not safe for them, they have a warm bed with us for as long as it takes to find them a place to call home.


We work to place adoptable cats in forever homes through adoption websites, events, and pet stores. We have a volunteer group committed to socializing cats prior to adoption. Adoptable cats are fully vetted and spayed and neutered. Major health issues, such as injuries, are addressed by our partner veterinarians in the community, who work closely with us to provide the best care possible.

We remain active only with help from the community. Please consider supporting us! The cost of saving the lives of these special animals is great, and often if EBCP is unable to help, these animals have nowhere else to turn. By supporting us you will help control cat overpopulation and give cats in need a chance to survive and thrive. Every contribution goes directly to helping us spread our mission and continue to save these overlooked and forgotten felines. We appreciate your compassion for the cats that cannot help themselves.



Vicky Sprouse


Employment: Childcare, Pre-K


From a very early age, I’ve always had a love of animals! As a child I helped injured animals in my neighborhood.  I don’t think that I was more than five years old when I helped my first. I think helping others humans, and animals that do not have a voice, has always been part of me.

In 2001 I stepped out of the world of working for others and started my own educational childcare business.  It has been such a rewarding career. Children sponge in so much in the first years of their life. I'm privileged to get to be a part of their formative years.  Not only do I teach them the basics of early learning, but we also learn how to treat each other, and animals (even insects).


Fast forward many years later to 2015 when I started volunteering with Euclid Beach Cat Project.  Back then, there were only a handful of people who volunteered, and since then we have multiplied to well over 100 volunteers. We partner with local pet stores and animal shelters to help service Northeast Ohio. We are still very big into TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), but have also grown into an adoption rescue since I have been in my position.  It’s been an extraordinary honor to be a part of such an amazing team of human beings who are just trying to make a difference in the world and in so many cats’ lives!



Heather Hawk Frank

2022- Present

Employment:Pre K-8th Principal

I grew up on the eastside and lived most of my life in Mentor before I was married in 2009. I am a proud graduate of Mentor High School and Ursuline College, where I earned a bachelor’s in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in language arts and social studies, a bachelor’s in history, and my K-12 Reading Endorsement.  I also hold a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from there as well.  I was a middle school teacher until 2016 when I became a principal.  I am currently the principal of Holy Family School in Stow.


I am married to my best friend, Dave, and we love our animals!  We reside in Brook Park with our “zoo” of rescued animals.  We have a passion for rescuing animals and helping those who are the most vulnerable. 


In my free time, I enjoy traveling (especially if history is involved), reading, kayaking, and love spending time with my family, especially my nieces and nephew.


I am very excited to use my time, talents and treasures to give back to the organization that has brought me so much love and happiness through my feline fur babies.  I have a passion for helping animals, especially those with special needs.  As someone who grew up with a physical disability (I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease), I know what it is like to need the help of others and am enthusiastic about helping those who need it most!



Monica Occhetti


Employment: Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)


I have worked in association management since 2015 and am excited to serve on the EBCP board. Beginning in August 2021 as a cage cleaner at Pet Supplies Plus Brooklyn, I became the store volunteer team leader in February 2022. I am passionate not only about serving the cats that we rescue, but also the people (volunteers) who help fulfill the mighty mission of the organization.


Grant Coordinator

Jennifer Lou


Employment:Retired Pediatric Dentist

“What’s mommy’s favorite animal?” I’d ask my then two-year-old daughter.  “CATS!” she’d scream in reply.

My house has been a cat house since birth.  I’ve always been around cats and thoroughly enjoyed their company.  I didn’t realize it when I was young, but growing up our cats were all rescues.  I continued the tradition into adulthood adopting cats from a variety of situations, including injury, abandonment, animal hoarding, and feral colonies.


One evening after having dinner, my kids and I decided to drop in to a Pet Supplies Plus to buy some litter for our cats.  We were greeted by friendly staff and sweet cats available for adoption.  After socializing with the cats for a bit, we decided that as a family we would like to volunteer to help care for the cats in the store.  I’ve found caring for the cats under the umbrella of EBCP to be a truly rewarding experience.  Not only have I made many furry friends, but I’ve come to know and appreciate the dedication of the volunteers in the organization.


A sudden, unexpected medical condition forced me to retire from pediatric dentistry.  I did a small amount of research grant work as an academic, so I am excited to help EBCP help even more animals by coordinating grant research and applications.


TNR Coordinator


Dina Torres



People always ask me why I continue to rescue. That is a very complicated answer that many just wouldn’t understand sometimes I don’t even understand it because it’s something that is a part of who I am. So the easiest answer is because someone has to work to be an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. 

I entered into official rescuing by accident helping my daughter with a trapping project. When I say I knew nothing about trapping, I mean nothing. She taught me and opened my eyes. I also was completely unaware and stunned by the massive amount of cats outside just waiting for help. So much so that I felt a horrible guilt for not helping sooner.

Very few cats are actually returned outside once trapped or rescued, and that is because they are no different than the cats on your bed or couch peacefully looking out the window. We must not think of outside cats as self sustaining, because they are not. They have just been failed by human, or born to parents who were tossed outside or abandoned. 


My wish is to continue to educate the public on the dangers of letting their cats outside. To show the real side of rescue that is hard for many to see. To help as many cats as I can, and help others that do the same work. There are so many great people out there that feed cats that show up at their homes. They look for help from rescues. So many great people rescuing, fostering, transporting, etc. 


Cats shouldn’t be giving birth outside. Their kittens should not have to start their lives with everything against them. Senior cats should not have to struggle outside for food and shelter. The injuries these cats live with, and survive from, is nothing short of amazing. We can all do better, and if you want to help, we can show you how!


MeganBolinGS (1).jpg

Volunteer Coordinator


Megan Bolin


Employment: John Carroll University

Ever since I was little, I have been proud to call myself a “cat lady.” I grew up with two amazing

cats in my family, Bonnie and Tiger. During our first years of marriage, my husband Bobby and I

welcomed into our home four amazing cats: Athena, Malcolm, Luna and Snickers. Sadly, in

early 2023, our beloved Malcolm passed away unexpectedly, leaving us heartbroken. Shortly

after his passing, Bobby and I visited a Pet Supplies Plus and learned about the Euclid Beach

Cat Project. The next day, I spoke with one of the cat foster moms and she was amazing with

helping us find who we were to welcome into our lives to help with our healing: Rosie and

Fallon. (Artemis showed up at our door a few months after, but that’s a story for another time!)


I am excited to work with the Euclid Beach Cat Project because I believe every cat deserves the

purrfect forever home. Through my years of working in the nonprofit sector, I have become

passionate about helping people become involved and sharing their time toward causes that are

important to them. I am looking forward to meeting others who are interested in volunteering

with the EBCP and helping them become connected with how they can become involved.

Whether it is helping care for our foster cats, helping with the adoption process or volunteering

for events, it takes a village to help ensure


Finance Coordinator

Jackie Stroemple

2023- Present

Employment: Business Intelligence Manager @ Applied Maintenance Supplies & Solutions


On a random Friday evening I walked into Pet Supplies Plus Brooklyn with my daughter “just to see the cats”. I found my soulmate. He became a member of my family that Sunday. Three months later, I decided he needed a friend when I saw a post on the EBCP Facebook page of a lovely ginger girl that was waiting way too long for her forever home. When she joined our family from the Twinsburg Pet Supplies Plus, I knew then that I wanted to give back to this organization. I volunteered as a ring steward for a cat show in January 2023 and became a weekly volunteer for the PSP Brooklyn in February, where my journey with EBCP started. As the months went by I started building relationships with other volunteers and board members and realized I have more to contribute. With my background in Finance, Marketing and Data Management, joining the board as its Finance coordinator was a natural fit. I am so looking forward to helping this organization serve the community and finding our felines in need their forever homes.


Data Coordinator

Amber Tischler


Employment: Lease Administrator managing the Northeastern United States leased portfolio for Progressive Insurance for the past 18 years.


 I am passionate about all things cat, graphic design, craft and technology. I live in Seven Hills with my better half and my 3 cats – Butters, Piper and Luna. I have an Etsy Shop, Adcat Designs, through which I sell cat toys, blankets and decals, etc… to raise money for non-profit animal rescues. I also serve on the board of Ohio Paws with Purpose, whose mission is to help the underserved community with pet food, veterinary care and more. I’ve followed Euclid Beach Cat Project for about 6 years now and have always been in awe of all that they do for cats in the community. I was SUPER excited to hear that they were looking for board members and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with EBCP as the data coordinator and to be part of this amazing team!

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