What is TNR?

TNR is an abbreviation for Trap-Neuter-Return. It is a practice that helps control overpopulation among outdoor feral cats that do not have the potential for socialization and adoption. TNR also helps prevent abuse, injury and illness of wandering cats.

Through TNR, feral cats are humanely trapped and spayed or neutered so they stop reproducing. They are returned to their home area to live out their lives with the help of human caregivers, who provide food and shelter. Over time, the number of cats in the area decreases.

We maintain several community cat colonies through ongoing TNR and care. We also share our knowledge with individuals who are interested in responsible, compassionate colony maintenance.

As part of our TNR program, we assess outdoor cats, consult with those who have contact with them, and determine that they are feral. We then humanely trap the cats and have them spayed or neutered. We also vaccinate the cats against rabies and common feline illnesses.

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