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Simon Basset's Story

Simon Basset Needed a Miracle!

We received a call from a frantic woman. She said that she couldn't get her mail because a cat was jumping at her door. We came out to find a kitten starving and crying for help. He jumped right into our arms! The woman was grateful for our help.

We sent him to get neutered, tested for FIV and FeLV (he was negative for both) , vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated. Once he was vetted he enjoyed time in his foster home. A little over a week after he was fixed, he started becoming very lethargic, not eating, having breathing issues, a wet nose, and drooling. He was having seizures. We went straight to the vet and did blood work. They put him on antibiotic and sent him home. He seemed better, but that didn’t last.

We sent him to see one of our miracle working teams at the Great Lakes VCA Warrensville Heights. After more diagnostics, they found that he had a liver shunt. He needed surgery. There is a substantial percentage of failure with that surgery. They helped us find a surgeon that had privileges at their clinic that had great success performing this surgery. The hard part was that it was going to cost $5000. We were determined to find a way to raise the money we needed.

We put Simon on quite a few medications to to keep infections, and his seizures at bay, while we raised the funds it would take to do this surgery. This protocol was working fairly well, though Simon wasn’t a fan of taking his meds! His foster family did a great job convincing Simon it needed to be done! After a few months, we raised the funds with help of generous donors that believed Simon deserved a full, healthy life! Simon was able to have this life saving, corrective surgery.

The surgery was a success, and Simon recovered without complication! He needed to be given medications for a few months while his liver healed. He also had multiple blood panels done to be sure his body was functioning properly after we weaned him off the medication. Finally the day came when Simon’s body was healed, and he could be the cat he was always meant to be. Healthy, happy, and full of play!

His foster family decided that after nearly a year in their home, that he was part of their family. Simon found his happily ever after! He was HOME!

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