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Dunkin Donuts Dumpster Neuro Litter


EB Cat Project Neuro Litter

Euclid Beach Cat Project received a call from the city of Garfield

H dispatch about a litter of kittens and three adults were thrown in

the dumpster at Dunkin Donuts and left for dead. We were

blessed that on this day we had kittens adopted, so even though

we are on a intake freeze, a foster family could open their doors

for this dire situation. Unfortunately, the lieutenant said the adults

ran away when they were trying to retrieve the kittens, but they

did successfully collect the kittens We jumped into action and

headed to pick them up.

The litter of kittens were emaciated, presenting with neuro signs,

and were very dehydration. We got them in the nick of time.

Situations like this are so heartbreaking. How long were those

kittens in there? Will the adults be ok and find help? Were they in

there for days? They could’ve died in there! We don’t understand

how anybody could have done this

Meet Vanilla Ice, and his sisters, Cranberries and Cream. After

having them with us for just a few short days they made such

progress. They went from not being able to stand up straight and

extremely weak, to eating like champs and running and playing.

Unfortunately, we also noticed they had continued neurological

signs that left them with cerebral hypoplasia symptoms (wabbly)

and myokymia (facial twitches). They would wabble and fall when

they ran, and their ears, eyes and whiskers would twitch for long

periods of time. Vanilla Ice also had part of his toe fall off. Likely

previous trauma. Luckily that healed nicely on its own.

We scheduled bloodwork, x-rays and snap tests on Sept 5th,

and neurologist appointments on the 6th. After those

appointments we learned that there was doubt it was cerebral

hypoplasia (CH), but multifocal CNS disease. They would like to

rule out congenital disease, inflammatory/infectious disease,

nutritional deficiency, degenerative disease, other. We will start

with two blood tests: toxoplasmosis titers, and cryptococcus

antigen testing. They are also suggesting a MRI of the brain,

spinal tap and electromagnetic testing. We plan to raise money

and do the testing on Vanilla Ice, the one affected the most, at

this time. These diagnostics are crucial to knowing what their

prognosis and treatments look like going forward.

Despite their disabilities they are just like other kittens. They love

to play all day, and snuggle up with people for a good nap. They

are just precious!

Rescue never goes as it seems. We struggle day in, and day out,

to raise enough money to continue to save more lives. When

“cases” come along like this litter, we try to raise funds specifically

for them, so as not to deplete the already depleted funds to care

for the others in our care. We are asking YOU to join with us!

Would you consider donating to help us cover to costs of

diagnostics and care for this very special litter?

Estimated Charges at MedVet

Initial Exams (9/6)- $540

Vanilla Ice Blood Tests- $336

MRI/Spinal Tap/EMG- $3500 plus

Already completed on all three kittens

FIV/FeLV testing (neg), complete blood panels, and full body x-


Thank you in advanced for your help! #togetherwecan

If you would like to help us cover the cost of helping these kittens,

we would greatly appreciate it

Venmo- @ebcatproject365




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