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Special Care For Special Kitties Raffle June 2023

The Special Care For Special Kitties raffle to benefit cats Jalapeño, Jane Austen, Johnny B Goode, and Reign was a success. It takes a village and we are grateful for the support! So many people working together to make it possible to provide this special care was a huge help. From the people that donated the raffle prizes, to the people that bought tickets, to the volunteers that care for these kittens, the love and support is so appreciated!

We raised $2,250 in raffle tickets. Not only that, there were two people that donated directly to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron. They donated a total of $1,200 to make it possible for both Jane Austin and Johnny B.Goode to have their follow up appointments covered! We are forever grateful for their generosity! We are also thankful for the grant of $600 from FCSLA. In total we raised $4,050!

Jalapeño was able to attend his follow up neurology appointment on Monday, June 26. His doctor said that it went very well and that he is doing pretty much the same as was six months ago. She was also very excited to know that he has been stronger and moving in different ways. That leads us to his physical therapy appointments. We were also able to raise money to buy another package of those appointments. That includes acupuncture as well as his standard treatments during physical therapy appointments. We will also be able to purchase the Assissi Lounger. This is the electromagnetic mat that will help with his inflammation and help stimulate nerve health. We are over the moon! This will be able to help Jalapeño as well as other cats that come through our doors!

Johnny B Goode had his follow up cardiology exam and his third echocardiogram. We had some good news. Even though he definitely still has a hole on the lower chamber of his heart, his heart has not grown in size. His scan was pretty much the same as it was six months ago. She said that he very well could go on to live a pretty normal life and that she would like to see him back in 18 months. This is very good news for him! So now we will determine when he’s ready to go up for adoption. We would be looking for a home for him that will definitely continue his care with his cardiologists that way if things do change at any point in his lifetime they could be managed. We are so happy to hear that Johnny B Goode is doing so well!

Jane Austen had her follow up cardiology exam and echocardiogram. We are excited to report that her heart still looks the same as it did at her six month initial visit. Her cardiologist said goodbye to her because her heart looks fantastic, she didn’t hear a heart murmur and unless there’s a change she’ll never have to see a cardiologist again!

Reign is the senior boy that came to us in the pouring rain after he was trying to get in to somebody’s house. How somebody could left this boy behind we will never know. He went into one of our foster homes and he was pretty stressed. This very sweet boy didn’t understand what was going on and had stress cystitis. This is where he had inflammation so bad that it made it very hard for him to pee. While we were taking him to our veterinarians to manage this, we learned that he had a thyroid disorder and because of that he was in burnout HMC. Basically he was going to go into heart failure. So this boy had lots of things stacked against him. No fear! We have the best doctors on his case. He has been on special food and medication‘s for a few months. At his last exam they said that his burn out HMC was resolving. He still on heart meds to help his heart heal and we have a initial cardiology appointment and heart scan scheduled for September. We will continue to adjust his medication and we have already started giving him regular food instead of prescription. We are looking forward to seeing how he does on this. This fundraiser helped us raise the funds to cover the costs of this appointment.

Euclid Beach Cat Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer group that services cats in the Euclid Beach area and across Northeast Ohio. We believe that all cats deserve a chance, from those with seemingly hopeless medical situations, to those with their spirits broken by the ones they trusted. Whether they are fostered or in community cat colonies, we work to heal not only their bodies, but their hearts as well. We provide Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) services, medical care, socialization, adoption services, and community awareness

Saving the world, one heartbeat at a time! Team EB Cat Project! Together we can!

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