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Struggling to Survive and Now Saved

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

As the cold weather approaches here in Northeast Ohio, we are gearing up for yet another winter. We put away the shorts and tee shirts and pull out the winter coats, hats, and gloves. We switch from the air conditioning to the heat. But how about those who can’t be inside in the heat? The animals that live outside because they don’t have a home? This is where the Euclid Beach Cat Project needs your help!

Euclid Beach Cat Project (EBCP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer group that services cats in the Euclid Beach area and across Northeast Ohio. We believe that all cats deserve a chance, from those with seemingly hopeless medical situations, to those with their spirits broken by the ones they trusted. Whether they are fostered or in community cat colonies, we work to heal not only their bodies, but their hearts as well. We provide Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) services, medical care, socialization, adoption services, and community awareness.

For President Vicky Sprouse and many other volunteers, rescue is not a pastime, it is a way to have a purpose and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable cats who desperately need help. Together we can find loving homes for these felines and be the change for them. We can take them out of dire situations and provide them with loving homes.

The Euclid Beach Cat Project began in the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park when a group of people saw the need to help the feral cats living in the community. At first, the group would Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) the cats as a way to control the population and protect the cats that lived there. Later, the organization turned into a non-profit that grew to assist with homing cats as well. However, before these cats were homed, they needed to be socialized. The organization grew from six volunteers to the over one hundred-sixty that it has today to assist with this! Currently, cats may be found living in foster homes as well as four Pet Supplies Plus locations throughout the Cleveland area including Brooklyn, Brunswick, Garfield, and Twinsburg. Volunteers not only care for the cats basic needs, but also work to assist with socializing them to prepare them to be comfortable in their forever homes.

A current ongoing project with the EBCP is the trapping and vetting of cats at a library here in Northeast Ohio. Sprouse first learned of the cats when she was approached by a man stating that there were several cats living around the library who did not look well. Upon trapping the cats, it was evident just how sick they were. As of Thanksgiving, ten cats have been trapped and rescued, all named after authors due to the location of their rescue.

The first kitten to be rescued was Judy Blume. Her only health concern was luckily some treatable upper respiratory concerns. She will be ready to adopt within the next couple of days.

Judy Blume when she was first trapped compared to today.

Next came Grisham and Nicholas Sparks. Both sweet boys were found with lice and other concerns. Grisham is leukemia positive and about seven years old. While many other rescues may euthanize on the spot, EBCP instead works to find a home where the positive cats will be comfortable and thrive. This will have to be a home without other cats so that the illness may not be transmitted. Nicholas Sparks had to have most of his teeth removed and currently has six teeth due to periodontal disease. Once healed, this Siamese boy will be ready to find his forever home.


Nicholas Sparks

Two other cats were rescued next with similar concerns: Faulkner, a yellow and orange tabby, and Dr. Seuss, a friendly gray and white boy cat. Both boys are FIV positive and also found suffering from lice. On the 22nd, both boys will be going in for a dental procedure due to an infection in the mouth.

Faulkner and Dr. Seuss when first trapped and then together today.

Jane Austin was rescued and a part of the motivation behind trapping at this location. The man who called the rescue to inform us about the cats in the colony shared that one was quick to jump in his car when he came to the library. She has been fixed, but unfortunately, it was learned that this precious girl has a 5/6 heart murmur. On December 9th, she will be going to the cardiologist with two other kittens from another location.

Jane Austin

Some other cats rescued from the colony include Anne Frank, a calico kitten about 5-6 months old, and Jodi Picoult, a friendly dilute calico who is about 2 ½ years old. Both girls will be ready to adopt soon, as they were found and treated for only minor health concerns such as fleas. Tolstoy, a female who is about 2 years old, and Stephen King, a male who is about 4 years old, were also found with minimal issues and have been fixed and de-wormed. These cats are working with volunteers to be socialized to hopefully be adopted out soon.

Anne Frank

Jodi Picoult


Stephen King

It is believed that there are at least eight more cats out there to be trapped, treated, and rescued. The caretaker at the library does not know where these cats huddle together to sleep. They wait for him in all of the weather elements here in Northeast Ohio, from the sweltering heat to being soaked from the rain. They wait for him when the snow is coming down so hard, they can barely be seen. Many can be found sitting there with congested breath, weepy eyes, or chewing and biting at their itchy skin from the fleas and lice. It is evident that some of these cats were abandoned due to their friendly nature. Once someone’s companion, now discarded like yesterday’s news.

The mission of our rescue is to leave no cats behind. We want to not only heal the bodies of these cats, but also their hearts. However, we can’t do this alone and need your help! In order to continue to further our mission, we ask that you please make a donation to the Euclid Beach Cat Project using the links below.

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